Soyan 3D Pen Review – Not for all ages but great price for a 3D Pen

soyan 3d pen reviewThe Soyan 3D pen for kids is a great way to teach them about spacial awareness and enhance their creative skills while they are still young. It comes in white and other color formats that allow you to differentiate pens between children with nobody getting jealous, and has a slim, lightweight design that your little ones will love.

Creativity and full control with Soyan 3D Pen

A light 3D pen enables better creativity and flow, so Soyan really thought about that when they designed this product. It also doesn’t have so much of the bulk as other pens might, making it easier to slip through your fingers and ultimately giving you better control. This is not a wireless model, which is a bit of a shame, but we found that it got almost everything else right!

This 3D pen for kids comes with speed control and temperature regulation that allow you to be in full control at any given moment. It also has an LED display window for ease of use and extra safety. This pen comes with some template paper and idea suggestions, as well as a charger, a quick start guide and 30g of filament to allow you to get creative right from the very start. When you buy from Amazon this product also comes with a full years warranty, meaning that those from the Soyan team are pretty serious about their high-quality design. By comparison to other products, this is a very good warranty, meaning this team is confident in their pen’s ability.

This is a safe 3D pen for kids

The plastic hardens as soon as it leaves the nib, which means that you can touch it without burning yourself. Thanks to the design you have complete temperature control. This pen is marketed as suitable for children over the age of six years, with the attached caution that children should never play with this toy without supervision. Very sensible indeed.

IMPORTANT: The pen’s tip and extruded plastic are hot to the touch for several seconds and it may take a little longer sometimes for the plastic to dry, depending on the temperature.

Bottom line: Child-friendly and a great price

The Soyan 3D pen for kids comes with attached wires, although maybe we prefer the wireless pens for our children. However, the temperature and flow control on this model allows for quick and easy creation, while the warranty means you can purchase without fear of losing out on your hard earned cash. We feel that this product would be especially successful among the teenage generation; who might never admit it – but who all want one. We do too! Fortunately, this pen has a fantastic price!