3Doodler Start Review – Easy to load and a safe 3D Pen for kids

3Doodler Start Review - 3d printing pen for kidsThe 3Doodler Start was designed with little fingers in mind and is made from the safest materials possible – an ideal start for any kiddie-aimed product. This pen comes with all sorts of themes, including a robotics and a Powderpuff version – meaning that you can tailor your gift to boys or girls – or select one of the many other versions and skip the gender bias argument altogether! Our favorite package is the 3Doodler Start Essentials pen set, as it contains everything you need to get going and have a great time!

3Doodler – Award-winning 3D pen for kids

As you can find on – the3doodler.com – this is an award-winning product and the essential package is great value for money. We loved the price of this toy – but we also loved the good press surrounding it. Winner of Good Housekeeping’s ‘Best Toy of 2016’ award; the 3Doodler Start will keep your kiddies entertained for hours!

3Doodler Start filaments

This pen has a wide variety of multi-colored filaments that are easy to change. It is USB chargeable and also comes with a step by step activity set – so you know your child is learning how to use the pen safely. It also comes with two packs of filament so you can get to creating straight away… and as if that weren’t good enough; the company offers deals for teachers and schools, to try to encourage these fun educational products in educational facilities everywhere!

3Doodler Start plastic – Is it safe?

The pen uses low heat and non-toxic plastic to ensure maximum safety for your little ones. It is aimed at years 6+, so be aware that you shouldn’t give it to anyone younger. The filament comes out reasonably cool, and your child will be able to mould it without getting burned.

Does this 3D pen for kids have any cons?

The 3Doodler allows your child to create structures to their heart’s content in a safe and educational way. If you buy the basic set you do not receive a mains charger…but let’s face it, who even uses those anymore? Besides the charge aspect, this 3d pen for kids doesn’t really have any cons except that their refill filaments are a little expensive. It is easy to load and use, but most importantly it is super safe – and your kids will adore it!

This is a great educational 3D pen for kids. They love it, and 3Doodler has an excellent reputation in the 3D printing industry. If you are in the market for a child-friendly pen that will keep them happy for days then this could be just the product you are looking for.